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I'm excited to announce the upcoming release of my latest novel, A Secret Legacy. It's a family saga / historical saga set in 1800s Paris. If you would like a sneak peak and would like an advanced review copy, please click on the link above and fill out the form. 

Here's the book description: 

Juliette is abandoned shortly after her birth; a nameless babe left to fate's unpredictable whims. In exchange for a hefty sum, she is left in the care of a destitute country doctor, a man whose stoic resolve guides her transformation from fragile infancy to a beautiful young woman of strength and vitality. Yet, within the walls of their home, resentment simmers like an ever-present storm, as the doctor's wife and daughter begrudgingly share their lives with the enigmatic orphan.

In a moment of audacious bravery, she rescues a stranger, the enigmatic Francois, from the merciless clutches of a raging river. It is here, amidst the roiling waters, that she discovers her one true love, a love that will reshape the very fabric of her existence. Francois descends upon her quiet town with a mission far grander than the quaint streets and rustic facades suggest. He is Juliette's tether to a destiny unimagined, a journey to Paris and the chateau of a wealthy old uncle she has never known. Yet, all is not as it seems, for her uncle reveals a harrowing truth about her true mother, a revelation that shatters Juliette's world and exposes a devastating secret.

Hidden within the shadows of her past lies a sinister legacy of unimaginable proportions, a burden so grievous it compels Juliette to make a heart-wrenching choice. In the face of an agonizing decision, she must forsake her beloved Francois, shielding him from the dangers her secret threatens to unleash.

This is the story of a resolute young woman, thrust into a world as harsh as it is unforgiving, a world that demands she confront her fate with unwavering determination and indomitable will. As Juliette unravels the enigmas encircling her existence, her quest for love and happiness drives her to unearth the darkest truths, to overcome the insurmountable, and to emerge victorious in the face of an all-consuming legacy.

A fascinating re-imagined retelling of the classic novel, 
Her Dark Inheritance, by E. Burke Collins originally published in 1892