Victorian gothic tale of murder, madness, and curses. A family estate plagued with tragedy. A young woman who mysteriously disappeared. And the young woman who finds herself embroiled in a treacherous, life-threatening plot.  

In 1870s Boston, on the night of her betrothal to the successful, Regan Lockhart, Amelia Belleville suffers a devastating loss. She faces sudden poverty and homelessness. With nowhere else to go, Regan invites her to live with him and his family at Edenstone, his family mansion.


But the idyllic estate is not all that it seems. A dream warns her to beware of black petals. A mysterious and beguiling spirit of a young red-haired woman appears pleading for help. And she discovers a long-lost diary revealing a deadly family curse and a trio of heart-wrenching tragedies. The troubling occurrences set her on a treacherous path to uncover dark secrets that lead to murder, madness, and death.


Torn by the binding terms of her betrothal contract, Amelia must learn who she can trust and who she cannot, including her beloved Regan. In a difficult position, she must choose between love and trust, or settle for duty and expectation. One thing is for certain, nothing in her life will ever be the same.