Secrets of Masks

Secrets of Masks, a coloring experience where elegance, secrecy, and mystery intertwine. This book unravels the hidden enigmas within these timeless artistic masterpieces.

Venetian masks have a rich history dating back to the 13th century. Originally, they were used during Carnival to create an atmosphere of anonymity and equality, where people from all social classes could mingle freely. These masks allowed wearers to transcend their everyday identities and explore a sense of liberation and adventure. Beneath their elaborate designs lie hidden symbols and meanings. Each mask tells a unique story, often associated with a particular character or role in Venetian society. The wearing of masks during Carnival allowed participants to experience a sense of anonymity, leading to uninhibited merriment and mischievous behavior.

Venetian masks have a symbolic language of their own. The choices of colors, shapes, and motifs all carry specific meanings. For example, red often represents passion and desire, while gold signifies wealth and opulence. Unraveling these hidden symbols adds another layer of fascination to the masks and deepens our understanding of Venetian culture.

I'm offering a free sample of one of the coloring pages found within this book. Just click on the link below the image. Happy Coloring!