The Prophetic Queen

Matilda of Ringelheim, a legendary woman of passion, beloved 10th century queen, and saint of the Germanic states, was one of the most influential and charitable women in medieval history, and her story of love, family discord, betrayal, prophetic dreams, and political intrigue is one that must be told. As the virtuous daughter of a noble family, young Matilda faces a promising future, but she keeps a secret. Through her dreams, she can predict the future. When Duke Heinrich of Thuringia arrives unannounced at the abbey where she is being educated and wishes to make her his wife, her childhood is over. At fourteen, she is swept into marriage to the young, enigmatic duke. She must leave everything behind and learn to navigate the intricacies and intrigues of her new life as a duchess. Faced with great political intrigues, a ravaged people, fraught relationships, and a greater calling, Matilda sees what her future could hold if she could seize the moment—if her husband will believe in and act upon her prophetic dreams. The author’s meticulous research portrays the Dark Ages and the rise to power of Matilda’s family with depth and vivid imagery that will keep readers riveted and wanting more.

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